DJ Schedule


12-1pm- Gil Newman

1:30-2:00pm- NDC Radio

2:30-3:30pm- Trenee McGee

7:00-8:00pm- The Cellar Door with Jenny

8:00-8:30pm- The Skinny



11am-12pm- Fact & Folklore

1-2pm- The Passenger Sessions

6-7pm- Alessandra Robinson

7-8pm- RadioCamp

8-10pm- Everwhere But Here

10-10:30pm- Lazer Daze


11am-12pm- Karen Walter

12-1pm- Dash of Niko

1-1:30pm- Girl Talk

3-4pm- Bands with Beards

4-4:30pm- Spoilers

5:30-6pm- Katie B.

7-8pm- The Grand Duke/Duke Starfire

9-10pm- The Music Muse


12pm-1pm- Noontime Nibs with Nate

2-3pm- Sickmuffinz

3-4pm- That Old Student

4-5pm- Hit Me With Some Hope

6-7pm- Lindsay Rootare

8-10pm- The Weekend Pre-Game Show

10-11pm- Throwback Thursday


11-12pm- Jennifer Hummel

12-1pm- Time Traveling with Nili & Christina

4-5pm- Astronomical Xenophobia

5-6pm- Three Girls and a Side of Gay

6-7pm- The Queen’s Corner

7-8pm- The Sl*& Report

8-9pm- About a Girl Radio

10-11pm- Crewd


8-9pm- Eclectic Dynasty


11am-12pm- E&N

5-6pm- Shut Up and Listen

7-8pm- It Takes Two

8-9pm- Camp on Radio

11pm-12am- Bi-Coastal Bangers